Trees do Strange Things

Trees do funny things don't they? I was recently at a leadership training event in Jefferson, Maine, and was taking a quick stroll around the facility's campus. My fellow classmates were taking in the view of the sunset over Damariscotta Lake (it was lovely), but of course I was looking at the trees. It is an incredible stand of pine, and I happened to notice that a few had been recently harvested.

My first thought was, "Gosh is this stump huge!!!" (note my size 6 sneaker for reference). But, something seemed off to me, sort of strange. I started taking a look at the growth rings (a tree develops a ring for each year a growth, so if you have a magnifying glass and a good eye you can age a tree by its stump fairly easily), and noticed a few more things. First, this one large tree was actually two trees! On closer observation (see photo below), there was a layer of included bark in the center of the stump, and to each side was a pith. A pith is the center of a tree. It appears as though two trees grew together when they were young, and due to lack of growing space, merged together to what appears as one tree. Strange! Well really, not incredibly strange, but neat to see.

#pine #stump #tree #growthring #maine #pith #includedbark

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